Darren M. Meade , is an American journalist, activist, businessman, investor, writer, philanthropist, former professional bodybuilder, and brand whisperer

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UPDATE: September 1, 2017


Darren M. Meade is an ex-venture catalyst turned investigative reporter obsessed with helping people would wouldn't otherwise have a voice. I traded the mercenary work of revenue creation for the missionary work of helping people 5 years ago - and never looked back.


Are you ready too shoot to the next level?


Darren M. Meade has helped several companies at varying stages (funding, resource, revenue sizes) do exactly that! On a small budget, I was able to grown revenues from $1m to $40m over two years. I personally designed the growth plan for the CEO, opened 4 out of 7 largest enterprise accounts, hired our direct sales force, and created a "channels model" (for re-sellers) that eventually accounted for 40% of the company's total revenues. We became the no. 1 player in the space from being an almost unknown and were able to leverage this success into a $20m B-round. This is what I could potentially do for you.  that builds business models that disrupt industries.


Darren M. Meade is a "Master Connector to the Experts that YOU need in your business to fulfill and accelerate YOUR Dreams!


The primary focus of Darren M. Meade's business model is centered on niche sectors in fast-growth industries and markets. He then puts in the sweat equity needed to prove out the model.  Once the model is proven out,  Darren Meade brings in a C-Level Executive team to scale the business and moves to exit. 


 Here at darrenmitchellmeade.org you can read details about the companies Meade has invested in, the inner-workings of those ventures, and his ramblings on his journey as an entrepreneur and brand whisperer.




UPDATE MAY 27, 2015 


County Attorney Benjamin Smith had been directly criticized by investigative reporter       Darren M. Meade, for what Meade believes were instances of prosecutorial misconduct in the way Smith handled the Tracey Richter investigation and prosecution. See more here: https://youtu.be/s6c9EMwAbwY


 Smith was dating and is now married to prosecution "star" witness Mary Higgins daughter, Abbie (Abigail Marie Higgins). Meade criticized and questioned Mary Higgins story about "the pink notebook" and reported on Smith having sex with his trial witnesses daughter during the Tracey Richter murder trial. Darren M. Meade, also broke the story that Smith, ignored that another suspect (Michael Roberts) had confessed to hiring two-men to commit the deadly home invasion. Smith, also had a relationship Richter's now ex-husband Michael Roberts, a relationship which consisted on in-person meetings with Roberts and "tons" of phone calls a day. Smith, was a loan reference loan reference for Roberts prior to Smith prosecuting Richter. Smith, later testified that he and Roberts conspired in the filing of criminal motions against Meade. Read Smith's testimony here:



Michael Roberts is a so-called "online reputation expert", who Meade exposed on Fox News in 2012 Read more here:




Smith, admitted the Richter case was his "life" for over a year, "20 hours a day" and that as of July 9, 2014 he had spent in excess of 1,500 hours investigating Meade for posting criticisms about him, agents and witnesses in the Richter murder case. When the day came for Prosecutor Ben Smith to face Meade's defense attorney in court, and present evidence from what Smith and Roberts conspired to silence their critic and silence Meade's reporting. Ben Smith gave up instead of fighting, after spending 1,500 hours of tax payers money and the vast resources of the State of Iowa. On the morning of the hearing, Ben Smith, filed a motion to have the court dismiss all charges against Meade, with prejudice so that no charges could ever be re-filed. The dismissal was without any conditions or in other words "no deal" was made with Meade. Watch the hearing:






Never before had a journalist been charged in Iowa (or elsewhere) for merely reporting his belief that a flawed criminal prosecution may have resulted in the incarceration (for life without the possibility of parole) of an innocent young mother.


Not only does the attempted prosecution of Meade punish him for engaging in his constitutional right to criticize public officials and report on controversies and the people involved in those controversies and the people involved in those controversies, the prosecution of Meade chills the rights of all journalist to report on matters of public concern, especially when those matters are critical of someone of with the power to criminally prosecute them if there is a disagreement with the reporting. Criminal charges are never appropriate if used to silence critical speech. Darren M. Meade said: "When we deal with the powerful, we have to make a stand. I will continue to advocate for the downtrodden with fact-based journalism."































































Darren M. Meade's Education:

  • University of Pennsylania

    Certificate earned on January 22, 2016
    Concentration: Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content by University of Pennsylvania on Coursera.
  • University of Pennsylavania

    Certificate earned on March 4, 2016
    Concentration: Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity by University of Pennsylvania on Coursera.

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Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Freedom of Expression, Doing the Right Thing, Even When its The Hard Thing, Humanity Advocate, Litigation Support, I’m an ex-venture catalyst turned investigative reporter obsessed with helping people who wouldn't otherwise have a voice. I traded the mercenary work of revenue creation for the missionary work of helping people 4 years ago—and never looked back. Brand whisperer.